Iron Curtis: Unwind

Unwind for Polytone shows that you still can't pin Iron Curtis down.

From the time I first heard him on an EP from Eddie Leader’s Hudd Traxx label, Iron Curtis has presented a fresh and original take on underground techno and deeper vibes. He’s grown pretty far along in his career since those days but Unwind for Polytone shows that you still can’t pin this slippery bastard down. “Riders” leads off with a straight-ahead ghetto boogie that breaks down into a synth- and snare-driven euphoria. “Cream” drops the drums altogether (or rather pushes an echo of them far back into the mix, almost like a faint melody rather than a rhythm track) for an arresting and frankly unexpected ambient excursion. The title track occupies the B-Side in an uplifting jam and a dubby remix from another of those Berlin anonymous projects that goes by the name “Force/Emerge.”

Iron Curtis: Unwind (Polytone)
1. Iron Curtis: Riders (Original Mix) (08:04)
2. Iron Curtis: Cream (Original Mix) (04:35)
3. Iron Curtis: Unwind (Original Mix) (06:04)
4. Iron Curtis: Unwind (Force / Emerge Remix) (07:10)


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