Jamie Read the end of

I’m in awe of this label, For Those That Knoe, which has as its mission to reissue under-appreciated records from history that slipped under the radar for one reason or another.

Jaime Read is one of those figures – I think Vincent Floyd was like this too – who slowly develop a cult without trying or even knowing. He’s released music as a singular “Larry Heard Appreciation Society” (one of his aliases) for more than two decades, and the tracks on The End Of go back to 1997 and Jamie’s full length album, The End Of The Beginning.

With great creativity Jaime Read made parts of the Chicago sound his own; the titles of tracks referencing Heard and Armando make the forensic lineage of his musical influences plain as day. It still sounds wonderful – hitting that perfect pivot between the sci-fi of Detroit Techno and the raw’az’hell aesthetic of Chicago House and recognizing the umbilical relationship between them at a time when many homegrown producers were trying to wedge them apart.

“After The Rains” is 7:22 of futuristic lullabys; “Collective Consciousness” a peek into what it might sound like if Derrick Carter and Jeff Mills shared a studio space. Most notable though is Read’s virtuoso programming: he hammers a drum machine like it’s an extension of his arm.

Jaime Read: The End Of / For Those That Knoe
A1. Jaime Read: “After The Rains” (7:22)
A2. Jaime Read: “Collective Consciousness” (4:56)
B1. Jaime Read: “On The Surface Of The 9th Moon” (6:09)
B2. Jaime Read: “Time Wave” (6:30)