Every time I get despondent and depressed about the state of the business — the endless PR people, sending endless emails writing in identical words about a series of hype-inflated, largely interchangeable tracks and artists you forget five minutes after you listen to what they make — I run as far as I can from the bullshit and trackable clicks and the email funnels sent to entrap us.

Inevitably I find what I need and wonder why we have to be pushed so far to look where we should have been looking all along. Here we find two familiar faces on one side of wax from Roundabout Sounds — Spirit of the Black 808 along with the guy who is releasing more secret weapons than all the arsenals of dance music those PR people represent, James Duncan. Duncan’s “Morning Mix” is gorgeous — a deep, rootsy track with disturbing powers of persuasion. Just flip this one on and try to avoid shaking your ass and your arms like a ragdoll. “Rough Bounce” is loud, LOUD, the tape burned hot in Spirit of the Black 808’s secret lab for analogue hypnotism. Both tracks have a dubby vibe — and what a vibe it is.

Get this while you can, it won’t last.

James Duncan & Spirit of the Black 808: Morning Mix/Rough Bounce / Roundabout Sounds (January 2020/12″ Vinyl)
A1. James Duncan – “Morning Mix” (5:47)
A2. Spirit Of The Black 808 – “Rough Bounce” (5:27)



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