Jamie 3:26, Masalo, Sameed Release Scorching “Testify”/”Can’t U”

Gospel-influenced, as you can imagine; disco-influenced, as you would expect; essential, right now.

Local Talk have an incredibly devoted following and are one of the few indie labels inhabiting the underground that really seem to do the marketing & promotion of their records and artists the right way.

One of their most anticipated records has been hyped for awhile, and it features Chicago’s Jamie 3:26 along with Masalo on “Testify” – gospel-influenced, as you can imagine; disco-influenced, as you would expect.

On the back are two tracks from Sameed that make for a pretty amazing bonus. There’s also a message here and I think it’s fairly obvious this is at least a nod to the turmoil in America and maybe beyond: Can’t you hear mothers crying? is a searing indictment in the current climate.

This whole record is huge, and timely, and needs to be heard. It’s out now on wax from Juno.


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