A lot of love goes into making Javonntte’s records and he’s getting a lot back. We’d have to employ several secretaries to keep up with the cyclone of releases he’s put out in the last two years – Discogs counts a dozen records and that’s just on vinyl – and every one of them has been played until the wax wore down to dust. I would guess this is leading toward an album, and the scene is ripe for it.

In the meantime, here’s another addition to his record stack. Earl Jeffers’ Melange snagged three diamond-cut gems from Javonntte for this EP. “Let The Music Play” maybe has the Rosetta Stone for figuring out Javonntte’s sound or at least part of it. Soulful hooks cap off what is essentially a party record – it’s made for a dancefloor and never loses track of that. This could be – should be – a monster track for late summer when this comes out.

Javonntte: Melange EP (Melange)
A1. Javonntte: “Let The Music Play”
B1. Javonntte: “Day”
B2. Javonntte: “Touch”



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