Hard to think of a Detroit artist that has made greater strides in getting his message across lately than Javonntte. Contrary to the advice you hear from sketchy management and booking agents who advise artists to go high concept and simplify their sound for easy absorption by the masses, Javonntte has stretched his abilities to the breaking point, encompassing vocal tracks to deep dubs shot through with soul and original productions appearing on a dizzying array of vinyl outlets.

Strictly Street Sound picks up the next one, and the Midnight EP is further testimony to Javonntte’s skills. “Club 1011” was my jam the minute it started. If it has the same effect on everyone else that it does on me, anticipate a hectic migration from the bar to the dancefloor and every jock in the house demanding to know what you’re playing before it’s through. It packs so much kinetic energy, with a sound that’s thick with soulful vibes and spaced out disco effects.

This is worth buying in dubs for “Club 1011” alone, and the rest you can consider a pleasant surprise when you hear them.

Javonntte: Midnight / Strictly Street Sound
A1. Javonntte: “Midnight” (5:11)
A2. Javonntte: “Club 1011” (4:31)
B1. Javonntte: “J Mix” (5:31)
B2. Javonntte: “Breath” (5:00)



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