Cordell Johnson and Scorpeze make the walls quake on Jazzgalaktik, the third release from the Chicago party turned label called Excursions. In a record dedicated to the late, great Sean Haley, “Jazzgalaktik” mines that soulful, spacey motherlode of sound that Ron Trent has been excavating ahead of us, though Johnson and Scorp make it tremble with a bit of an Afro-Latin swing. The bright chords evoke something between Manhattan Transfer and St Germain, and starts cutting loose (in its quiet, composed way) on “Alone In The Light.”

Sean Hernandez aka Chicago Skyway drags this record out of the clouds and moors it on this lurid, sinful Earth on his remix of “Jazzgalaktik.” Skyway stacks layer upon layer upon layer, starting with fuzzy deranged drums, some virtuoso keys and ends with one of the great Chicago shakedowns of 2021. It is among the depressing realities of this industry that Chicago Skyway doesn’t have a new record out every month while a human party favor like Jamie Jones does, but everything Skyway does is worth the wait.

Cordell Johnson & Scorpeze: Jazzgalaktik (Chicago Skyway Set) (Excursions / December 2020 / 12″ Vinyl/Digital)
1. Cordell Johnson & Scorpeze: Jazzgalaktik (Original Version) (7:56)
2. Cordell Johnson & Scorpeze: Jazzgalaktik (Chicago Skyway Set) (7:36)
3. Cordell Johnson & Scorpeze: Alone in the Light (Chicago Skyway Set) (6:53)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was not submitted as a promo.



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