Hakim Murphy turned me on to a ton of great records in the year he was writing for 5 Magazine. His review of Jenifa Mayanja’s full length Walking In The Shadows LP was such a revelation – a synthesis of organic grooves & electronic textures that few understand, much less master – that I would have published it in day-glo ink if I could.

This here is the debut release on Sound Warrior, which appears to be less a label than a platform, with a mission of doing golden age A&R for select female producers. Jenifa’s “Heading Into Tomorrow” is evocative, in the same vein as the splendorous Deep House of the LP Hakim lead me toward two years ago. Dakini9’s “Polarity” is florid, buoyant, and a lot of other words from a paperback thesaurus that imply “sight” rather than “sound”.

Some records are fodder for a DJ wallet – they serve a purpose, though not a particularly noble one. Others you hear and they’re as distinctive as a human voice, and you want to know everything about the person that put this together. It’s the difference between making art and making Muzak or elevator music played at a low volume in a fashion boutique. It’s rare enough to hear one track that qualifies as the former – but here are two, on one stunning debut.