Jeremy Sylvester makes it all seem so effortless. There are born DJs who can roll out of bed and mix a flawless 120 minute set while wiping the sleep out of their eyes. That’s how Jeremy Sylvester must make his tracks — it seems effortless the way he tees up a new dancefloor anthem with no extraneous hype and watches it infiltrate (or shuffle as it were) through the DJ community in due time.

“Carry On (A Little More)” is one of a series of bad ass tracks that marked 2020 for Urban Dubz, most of them by Jeremy and with a forward-looking Garage sound that fits perfectly in any uptempo house set. This was released on its own as a Bandcamp exclusive in November, and you can still get it there.

Jeremy Sylvester: Carry On (A Little More) (Urban Dubz / November 2020 / Digital)
1. Jeremy Sylvester: Carry On (A Little More) (5:47)



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