Construct Re-Form is a French techno outfit run by Zadig scanning for future sounds and talent before the world catches up to them. They released notable records from Antigone (especially As I Walk To You), Johannes Volk and Zadig in the last decade and seem to have reinvented themselves as a digital outfit with their last few releases. Based on the sound I would guess Jerical took their moniker from the Jeff Mills track — they’re an artist clearly familiar with the fundamentals of Midwest Techno and add some terrific bangin’ tracks to the industrial Midwest canon on the Flesh EP.

The title track has that hyperactive (and DJ Hyperactive-esque) wild whistle whining over jacking hydraulic beats. “Under The Rain” is serious acid-without-acid, face-melting stuff. “Spiral” is where Jerical nails it — the sound of an industrial steam machine tended and stimulated to a fevered pitch by other machines in the wild style of a rough-hewn Shawn Rudiman blaster. These are all perfectly shaped, grown in the hydroponic lead-tainted labs of Rockford, Akron or Flint or certainly from the blueprint sketched on formica countertops in one of those Midwest stations. Including the remix by Benales, this is one of those rare EPs that presents a diversity of sounds that are all worth jamming and jamming hard. Seriously, seriously impressed by this.

Jerical: Flesh EP (Construct Re-Form / Digital)
1. Jerical: Flesh (05:02)
2. Jerical: Under The Rain (05:09)
3. Jerical: Spiral (05:02)
4. Jerical: At Night (04:54)
5. Jerical: Flesh (Benales Remix) (05:18)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo.


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