The first album from UK producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jim Baron (aka Ron Basejam, aka Crazy P co-founder) under his JIM persona sounds to this writer like a triumph.

Love Makes Magic is a potent distillation of some of the musical strands included under the “Balearic” umbrella: Laurel Canyon singer-songwriter acoustic ballads, slick yacht rock, understated and sophisticated disco, and Baron weaves them all together into a superb album that’s introspective and intimate and open and welcoming at the same time.

All those years putting together premier disco-soul-house in Crazy P and turning out Ron Basejam underground 4/4 jams that slapped have left their mark. Even as he approaches folkish territory, Baron can’t shake off his dance music pedigree and there’s a sensibility here that is present in every twist of the EQ in the mix and in every placement of percussion or bass, a feel that comes from our dance music culture and hangs over the whole endeavor. Whether it’s delicate acoustic folk, instant-Balearic dance floor classics, blue-eyed soul, or streamlined yacht rock, it all goes through Baron’s dance music filter, so to my ears there’s a trace of some kind of house music / rave culture feeling in every track.

In short, Love Makes Magic soothes and soars; just brilliant.

⚪️ Love Makes Magic Tracklisting

JIM: Love Makes Magic (Vicious Charm Recordings / Vinyl / Digital)
1. Across The Street (05:50)
2. A Life In Between (05:19)
3. Where The Leaves Are Falling (05:09)
4. Oxygen (04:08)
5. Still River Flow (05:02)
6. The Ballad Of San Marino (07:04)
7. Phoenix (03:40)
8. Sea Of Unbelonging (04:54)
9. Then We Do It Again (04:08)
10. Love Makes Magic (05:29)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement

This record was submitted as a promo.

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