There are just two hundred copies and you better believe there’s a demand for more: Bolla’s “Sangre” was originally a prize for 50 “lucky prizewinners who found the hidden codes” but was pressed up following an outpouring of love for Joe Claussell’s unfathomably deep and funky remix. I’ve said it before: I love these jam records, few people really do them well because you have to have at least some understanding of the kind of changes you can make to keep a dancefloor’s attention for 11 or 12 minutes, and what kind of virtuoso keys or guitar or flute or organ keeps it moving with a raw physicality and what leads party people to start wandering around in search of their drink.

Suffice to say: Joaquin knows what he’s doing and his extended jam taken from the Bolla Afrikan Basement LP (which clocked in at under 6:00) is something that owes as much to the spirit of Fela than to any of dance music’s American masters. It just rolls on, with the sometimes unsettling but overall ecstatic feeling that it’s only just started. This is simply marvelous, and regardless of the price ($10 from bandcamp, $18 elsewhere) worth every penny for what amounts to a 1 sided 12″ LP.

Bolla: Afrikan Basement: Sangre (Sacred Rhythm)
A1. “Sangre” (10:05)


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