Is it possible to write about music that doesn’t make you think? We’ll find out. joeFarr’s new label DMMT stands for “Don’t Make Me Think” and the first criteria for inclusion is that he likes it and “it doesn’t make me think too much.”

Mindless being different than brainless, this instinctual gut feeling settled on seven tracks of demented techno from NxF, a Russian producer or producers continuing in the country’s recent exceptional contributions to the burgeoning field of ear-splitting distortion tracks.

Guberniya Trax isn’t lacking in substance: “Track 1” (titles are another superficial excess of the brainy) sets the tone with heavy riffs cut with the edges left rough. Dubby beats, fried electronics and incomprehensible vocal loops run a knife through the speakers. “Track 2” passes a lounge jam through an analog crud machine and shoots it up through 5 satellites and back down to earth (it’s that shrill tone that sounds like the end of an cosmonaut transmission that makes it). It’s here that the record excels. NxF smashes genres together until they shatter and makes something radical out of the splinters.

NxF: Guberniya Trax / DMMT (April 3 2020)
1. NxF: Guberniya Trax 1
2. NxF: Guberniya Trax 2
3. NxF: Guberniya Trax 3
4. NxF: Guberniya Trax 4
5. NxF: Guberniya Trax 5
6. NxF: Guberniya Trax 6
7. NxF: Guberniya Trax 7



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