Joeski & Doc Martin Collaborate on Vajra

Two legends, two tracks.

Joeski has been experiencing the kind of career renaissance that many artists (and booking agents) dream of, as Kev Obrien documented in his cover story for 5 Mag earlier this year. Doc Martin has never gone anywhere.

Two guys that would fit any and all descriptions of “DJ’s DJs” collaborate on Vajra, a new EP for Poker Flat. The title track is custom fit for vocalist Lillia – deep, sinister beats and FX that reverberate and rattle around the room and around your head. I don’t understand a word (or think there is a word to understand) but it’s all the more irresistible for it.

The B-Side is “Leary’s Revenge,” probably after Professor Timothy, which captures a modern take on the ravey and afterhours vibe these guys created, experienced and somehow survived.

Joeski & Doc Martin: Vajra (Poker Flat)
1. Joeski, Doc Martin, Lillia: Vajra (Original Mix) (7:04)
2. Joeski & Doc Martin: Leary’s Revenge (Original Mix) (6:47)


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