Joeski feat. Jesante: Cross Over

A new record from the House veteran also marks a welcome return for Viva Recordings.

Hypnotic, understated and soulful, “Cross Over” is the latest offering from New York native Joeski on Viva Recordings. Originally founded in 1998, the Seattle imprint took rather a lengthy sabbatical, but it’s great to see them back and picking up precisely where they left off; releasing grown up House Music of the very finest quality.

The ingredients that make up “Cross Over” are simple enough, but Joeski has cooked up crunchy drums, warm sub bass and mournful keys to subtle perfection. Ethereal effects and a spine-tingling, almost uncomfortably intimate vocal performance from JeSante make this track feel like a Deep House answer to Portishead. A dub mix is also include for the late-night heads, which accentuates the rumbling sub-bass and whispering melodic fragments, whilst introducing rhythmic synths and smooth ride cymbals. “Cross Over” is out now and comes highly recommended to those who like their House Music with a small side order of melancholy.


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