Joey Negro lets loose another fat collection of exclusive remixes of disco classics and hard to find underground stompers for Remixed With Love. The Under The Influence series is still my favorite but the amount of work that’s put into this series is just incredible. John Morales has a thousand stories about work like this and the sagas of obtain permission for certain tracks on his compilations. And nearly every hardship and frustration expressed in Joey’s liner notes has been verified by guys like these who make a living on bended knee, attempting to do something beautiful with a bunch of records they don’t legally own.

“I imagine people think by now things have got a bit more straight forward behind the scenes in terms of acquiring the parts for songs and then clearing the remixes,” Joey writes. “Unfortunately that’s not the case; it’s actually become even harder and more bureaucratic… At each stage months can pass with seemingly no movement their end. Quite frequently we’ll get asked to resend something we sent off months before, meaning nothing has happened up until that point.”

As he rightly points out, this means there are very few albums like this: no one except a guy who really loves this stuff and really wants to work with it would ever, in their right mind, go through the process of doing so.

Among the highlights on Remixed With Love 3 is Venus Dodson’s “Shining” which gets the “Joey Negro Tribute to Leroy Burgess Mix” (Burgess is co-author of the track). The original is a pretty expensive piece of vinyl in its own right; the flip features the Patrick Adams and Ken Morris authored “He Said, She Said” which I’ve always liked too. Another rarity is Michael Wycoff’s “Lookin’ Up To You” (written by the same team behind “Hey Mr. DJ”) and LTD’s “Love To The World.” In terms of the remix, I love what Joey’s done with Gwen McCrae’s “Doin’ It” and Mtume’s “So You Wanna Be A Star.”

This is out as a 3xLP and double CD as well as digital.

Joey Negro: Remixed With Love Volume 3 / Z Records



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