John Carpenter’s second (or third) act as an artist has been inspiring to watch. A generation that was probably not born when Escape from New York was released has been among the greatest fans of Carpenteralia in all of its forms, and quite a few of the leading lights among young musicians have been at the forefront of paying tribute to the director’s latent genius.

Wrapping together some of Carpenter’s non-soundtrack music, Lost Themes was released three years ago and included a few remixes on the “digital deluxe” edition. Here these and a few more are collected for the first time on vinyl on Lost Themes Remixed. Zola Jesus & Dean Hurley’s sinister and sparse remix of “Night” reaches a level of beauty and dread worthy of, well, a Carpenter movie. ohGR (Nivek Ogre and Mark Walk of Skinny Puppy) expose “Wraith” to the elements and feed it through a digital meatgrinder. The real keeper on here I think is Silent Servant’s remix of “Vortex” – that rubbery electro bass and flourishes of feedback and electric chords is a piece of low-slung genius with a savage bite.

John Carpenter: Lost Themes Remixed (Sacred Bones Records)
1. John Carpenter: Purgatory (Prurient Remix) (05:19)
2. John Carpenter: Night (Zola Jesus & Dean Hurley Remix) (03:39)
3. John Carpenter: Wraith (ohGr Remix) (03:51)
4. John Carpenter: Vortex (Silent Servant Remix) (05:10)
5. John Carpenter: Vortex (Uniform Remix) (03:34)
6. John Carpenter: Fallen (Blanck Mass Remix) (06:26)
7. John Carpenter: Abyss (JG Thirlwell Remix) (05:27)
8. John Carpenter: Fallen (Bill Kouligas Remix) (06:14)


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