Lost John Morales Remixes of Marvin Gaye’s FUNK ME

Previously unreleased M+M remixes surface on a DJ Spinna mix some 15 years after they were made.

UMG did a nice thing with the endless vault of musical treasures they’re squatting on. On what would have been Marvin Gaye’s 80th birthday, they hired DJ Spinna to put together Higher Ground, a mix of 35 songs. If this was a concert it’d be one of the best concerts Marvin ever played – a marathon of hits, collaborations and deep catalog releases.

Among the deepest is “Funk Me” remixed by the one and only John Morales. Apparently his mix was made some 15 years ago. In a scenario that is probably all too common in his field, Morales’ mixes were never released. You can hear the hand of Morales in what he does and what he doesn’t do: the vocal is sterling, the beats punched up and the track extended to epic proportions – some 11 minutes of glory.

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Unfortunately UMG has made the longer mixes album only, and put this on iTunes, Spotify (where the titles of two of the instrumental mixes seem to be flipped) and, well, I’m not sure where else. Boner move, but at least we get a chance to hear it after all this time.

Marvin Gaye: Funk Me (John Morales M+M Mix) / Motown Records/UMG
1. Marvin Gaye: Funk Me (The John Morales M+M Extended Mix) (10:56)
2. Marvin Gaye: Funk Me (The John Morales M+M Edit Mix) (5:35)
3. Marvin Gaye: Funk Me (The John Morales M+M Edit Mix Instrumental) (10:56)
4. Marvin Gaye: Funk Me (The John Morales M+M Extended Mix Instrumental) (10:56)



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