The Monitors Redux John Tejada and Silent Servant album art

Producer John Tejada has announced a “redux” edition of Control, a one-off project by The Monitors, a collaboration between Tejada and the late Juan Mendez aka Silent Servant.

Control was originally released on vinyl in 2011 on the special purpose “Monitors” label. Here’s “Control” from the original release:

Tejada says the re-release of the “secret project” had been “in the works for a few weeks now.

“Mendez had given the drum tracks an update and I’ve given the release a fresh master.”

Better known internationally under the alias Silent Servant, Mendez died two weeks ago together with musician Luis Vasquez (aka The Soft Moon) and artist and Mendez’s partner Simone Ling.

The two track Monitors EP created a buzz when it dropped in 2011, as Tejada and Mendez managed to keep their identity under wraps for quite some time — something of a rarity in the industry even then. The new redux release features the artists’ names prominently.

Here is the Redux edition released today on Spotify and on Bandcamp:

“Mendez and I met back in 94 before anyone knew our names,” Tejada said of the fellow LA-area artist. “We worked independently in parallel and came together to collaborate on many ideas through the years. We both shared a spot in 95 on his first release on Cytrax and now we share one of his final releases on my Palette Recordings.”