“Rising Up” is emotive, deep, by turns sinister and, in its odd way, even a bit uplifting. If that’s what you’d want from a record and that’s what you’ll get with the title track of Jon Woodhouse’s new EP from 247House.

There’s quite a lot jammed into here – people who prefer simplicity for their sets are going to have a problem with the multiple themes crashing together, which makes it more like a short DJ set than a drum & organ loop driven into the ground. That’s actually the appeal for me here: more than 10 years into this grand digital experience and the average mp3 is still about the same length and size that tracks were when they were distributed on vinyl. There are just many more of them. If you’ve got an infinite runway, honey – by all means, use it all up. And they do: with the two remixes from Southside Son, this is nearly 29 minutes of music for a 3 track EP. The latter’s “Jumping Up Remix” sounds like a weird alternative history version of UK Garage, pulling in influences of Drum & Bass and clubby NY House but having them come out totally weird.


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Jon Woodhouse: Rising Up (247House)
1. Jon Woodhouse: Rising Up (Original Mix) (07:34)
2. Jon Woodhouse: Rising Up (Southside Son’s Jumping Up remix) (10:51)
3. Jon Woodhouse: Rising Up (Southside Son’s Jungletech remix) (10:31)


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