Two original tracks here and two of the best deep house producers in the world on the remix. How could it go wrong?

It doesn’t. Jonno & Tommo (who have released a ton of solid records over the last few years, the best of which I think was their Finale Sessions Unreleased Vol 1 with Michael Zucker) return to Ornate on For Dan, with remixes from Andrés and Brawther. (A little awkward not mentioning the titular “Dan” this record is dedicated to, but no disrespect is intended if we focus on the music.)

“Biosflash” is inward-looking deep house — heavily melodic and rolling slow in its own encapsulated universe. “Biosflash” is remixed by Andrés who presents a totally different perspective — still introverted but with an radiant infusion of soul. Andrés does this kind of thing — his remix of Cool Peepl’s 2017 jam “Free” broke out of the usual constraints remixers put on themselves, mining the original for material the way our ancestors mined old temples for the stones of a new church. He does the same on “Biosflash” with similarly brilliant results.

“Stratocaster” uses some clever samples over moody, swaying synths, reminiscent of Larry Heard when he gets into a certain frame of mind. “Stratocaster” gets remixed by Brawther, who slaps it with a pair of jumper cables with some rocky, funky percussion and an even more clever rearrangement of those clever samples.

Jonno & Tommo: For Dan (Andrés & Brawther Remixes) (Ornate Music / 12″ Vinyl / October 2022)
A1. Jonno & Tommo: “Biosflash” (6:36)
A2. Jonno & Tommo: “Biosflash” (Andres remix) (5:00)
B1. Jonno & Tommo: “Stratocaster” (6:41)
B2. Jonno & Tommo: “Stratocaster” (Brawther remix) (5:59)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was not submitted as a promo.



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