I don’t know how your record store organizes their stacks but if they have a shelf marked “Records That Should Have Been Released By Early Days Dance Mania But Weren’t,” Jordan GCZ’s Introspective Acid belongs there, between the records that sound like Armani Trax but aren’t and the remixes that could have been done by Armando Gallop but weren’t.

Like the best acid tracks, “Introspective Acid” has a certain mystique to it — an aesthetic of leering darkness, a kind of occult energy that makes it feel just a little bit dangerous. Strange things happen when records like this are played in pitch black night. The title track is a slow moving beast with synths that shiver and drums that snap. You can get drunk on the vibe; the point is that you should.

More good stuff appears on A-2 and the B-side. “Jaguar Dreamin” must be some kind of subtle nod to Rolando’s “Jaguar,” though much slower (although everyone I know plays “Jaguar” pitched way the fuck down). It’s a great shambling wreck being dragged forward by pure momentum.

I’ve had this record open in a Firefox tab since close to 2020 waiting on this, and it’s likely to go fast now that it’s dropped. Buy three copies to be sure.

Jordan GCZ: Introspective Acid EP (Rush Hour / April 2021 / 12″ Vinyl/Digital)
1. Jordan GCZ: Introspective Acid (08:28)
2. Jordan GCZ: Jaguar Dreamin (07:01)
3. Jordan GCZ: Spring Has Sprung (06:55)
4. Jordan GCZ: Wild Bounce (08:17)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was not submitted as a promo.



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