There’s a moment in an artist’s life at which they step out, fully confident and cured of the judgment of – and now a leader among – their peers. For Jorge Caiado, that moment is about 1:30 into “Moving Forward” the A-side track to his Me And My Head EP. The Portuguese producer toys with an energy here so wild it feels like he’s holding a centrifuge in his hands. He harnesses it, tames it, breaks it down into one ecstatic and exhilarating deep house track. This is a record that you can put alongside some of the records of Jeff Mills, of Juan Atkins and vintage Drexciya: it doesn’t borrow too much beyond a sensibility here, but it just fits in the same rack and the same context with them.

This should have lead off a full album of new material from Jorge but in the meantime it can lead off your sets.

Jorge Caiado: Me and My Head (Groovement)
A1. Jorge Caiado: “Moving Forward” (6:50)
B1. Jorge Caiado: “Me & My Head” (6:22)
B2. Jorge Caiado: “Street Corner View” (6:19)



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