How many records like this are made every year? Five? Twenty? A dozen? I mean records that consist of exquisitely produced deep house, infused with soul, recorded by pros — records that are made for DJs and for dancefloors but could be listened to by you in your headphones. Kai Alcé has built an oasis for these type of records in Atlanta and now so has Jorge Caiado with Inner Balance, Carpet & Snares and the associated family of labels in Lisbon.

This latest record with Paul Cut is next level — deep, soulful, everything you want and performed by one of the best born musicians that has appeared on the scene in some time. Cut on the keys sets the tone on C&C Sessions Vol 1. “The Escape” is built around just a couple of notes, some well-timed reverb and drums that pop with the urgency of an EKG. “Mist” brings to mind a vibe somewhere between Rick Wade and Mike Huckaby at his most serene.

On the B-side the music slips to house more readily drawing on the influence of jazz and blues — more upbeat with a bouncy bass racing to catch up with Cut’s organ. What you’re hearing here are two producers at their absolute peak inviting us into the workshop.

Jorge Caiado & Paul Cut: C&C Sessions Vol.1 EP (Inner Balance / 12″ Vinyl / December 2022)
1. Jorge Caiado & Paul Cut: The Escape
2. Jorge Caiado & Paul Cut: Mist
3. Jorge Caiado & Paul Cut: Oxigénio
4. Jorge Caiado & Paul Cut: Badu Badu

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo.


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