Tip your DJ: got word of this from a playlist by Titonton Duvante who has never steered his audience in the wrong direction. Spectral Sound is the label that released Indigo, Flesh & Fire, a new five track EP from JTC in August and the sound is exquisite. “Innerloire Rendezvous” is the collaboration between Larry Heard and Drexciya we always wanted and sets the tone for a forward-thinking record that takes you on a journey as much as any DJ set. Like Larry Heard, each record from JTC has its own personality, the pieces building toward a unique identity and one greater than “five tracks that kind of go together.”

“Varastride” has an uncannily addictive groove that can’t be explained and only inadequately described. This feels like a cascade of punches, one after another. The sublime “Renneswind” leads into the emotional high point of the EP, “Surging on Chapinero’s Edge.” And then it’s over and then you start again.

Give JTC a set of buckets and sticks and he could make them sing: handing him control over what sounds like three decades of analog gear chained together and the machines form an orderly celestial choir.

JTC: Indigo, Flesh & Fire / Spectral Sound
A1. JTC: “Innerloire Rendezvous” (5:12)
A2. JTC: “Varastride” (4:50)
B1. JTC: “Indigo, Flesh & Fire” (4:51)
B2. JTC: “Renneswind” (5:51)
B3. JTC: “Surging On Chapinero’s Edge” (5:44)



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