Jules Etienne: Burning All The Bridges

Little Giant Records releases their sophomore EP from Parisian producer Jules Etienne.

As we race along further into the digitally-dominated music age, the launching of a record label is now nearly as easily achieved as the creation of a new Twitter page.

One of the few antidotes to the toxic effects we endure from the over-saturation of the music industry, however, is the feeling of relief that surfaces when a new imprint comes along and stands out as one worthy of actually keeping a keen eye on. The fledgling New York- and L.A.-based Little Giant Records certainly cements itself as one to watch, with the unveiling of Burning all the Bridges, the label’s sophomore EP from Parisian producer, Jules Etienne, featuring remixes from former Motorcitysoul stalwart, Matthias Vogt, as well as San Francisco up-and-comer, Niksah.

Jules’ original mix grooves along using a simple, yet highly vibe-inducing chord progression as it’s foundation, which gradually builds and intermingles with an low-profile sub bass-line and a silky smooth 303 line, sealing the deal as a cut that any aficionado of true Deep House will find themselves drawn toward.

Meanwhile, on the remix tip, we hear Matthias Vogt turn in a remix that proves to sound like one of his best to date, fusing the original chords along with lush pads, arpeggios and sparkling keys, which all gradually come to a simmering crescendo, making this one that could be played at any hour of the night.

Niksah’s remix also proves to be stellar, with a long brooding low-end sub bass and slices of the original’s vocal moving along with well-placed stabs and chords, his should prove to be the mix that lovers of today’s more contemporary style of House will find as their pick of the litter.

Jules Etienne: Burning All The Bridges (Little Giant Records)
1. Burning All The Bridges (7:19)
2. Burning All The Bridges (Matthias Vogt Remix) (6:12)
3. Burning All The Bridges (Niksah Remix) (8:04)


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