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There’s an illuminating article waiting to be written and it’s all about how Kai Alcé does A&R. Really it could written about any label that hits their stride and keeps chugging past “classic” territory and never stops grinding. It’s not going to surprise anyone when I point out there are people in this industry living off represses and branding forever. Kai could probably put NDATL in a bag, monopolize the release calendar with his own cuts and make some co-productions with whoever “created a buzz” at DC10 this year. It’d be easier than the work that goes into unearthing gems on the regular — like this.

June Jazzin is both the artist’s name and the name of the South African producer’s first EP on NDATL. Formerly a “mere soundman” who was turned on to Glenn Underground and other deep house producers, per his bio, June Jazzin (the man) kicks off June Jazzin (the EP) with the rich and vibrant “Funky Monkey.” It’s jazz that’s come apart at the seams and stuffed with keys, sizzling cymbals and timebombs set to detonate in the early hours of the morning. From here it takes off into head-down, fundamentally soulful deep house, with the faded “Valerie” and cosmically inclined full body rub-down of “Harming Man.” A melodic hum and a Rhodes in duet: if that’s what you’re coming for, you found it. Gorgeous EP, sterling product and another classic from the NDATL catalog of wandering souls.

⚪️ June Jazzin Tracklisting

June Jazzin: June Jazzin EP (NDATL / 12" Vinyl)
A1. "Funky Monkey" (7:35)
A2. "Gogo's Stove Smoke" (7:33)
B1. "Valerie" (9:12)
B2. "Harming Man" (7:38)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement

This record was not submitted as a promo.

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