Sometimes I truly don’t understand why it’s so hard to sell audiences on what I call straight-up House Music. I use that phrase to describe a sound that stretches across and uses multiple subgenres to make people do the one thing that is most important: dance!

Yet it seems to me the interest in music today has the same problem our economic and political spheres do – extremism. Where is the middle? ARE YOU A PERSON WHO WANTS THEIR MUSIC SUPER EXCITING AND MAKES YOU GO OH MY GOD WOW THAT JUST MELTED MY FACE!!!??!?!? …

… or are you the person that is so introspective, potentially depressed, that your carefully crafted sound could very well put the rest of us to sleep…?

I think the root of the problem is that people are so worried about being “cutting edge” they’re going to the farthest reaches to obtain that status. The rest of us simply enjoy shit that works and use the extreme points as landmarks on a journey instead of having a staycation in Vegas (or Berlin).

Here we have an artist making the kind of music I would squarely classify as straight-up House, and he’s ready to sell his gear out of being disillusioned with the industry. Coincidence?

Thank God for the people out there willing to extend a vote of confidence when we need it most. I’ve seen Sneak one time and within three records he had the place lit up and all I could think was: not many play like this anymore. It’s a damn shame too because this EP is completely his type of sound and it is hot all the way through. The beats hit hard. There’s nothing terribly flashy about any of the tracks, but they WORK! You have tinges of Latin jazz, funk, acid… the incorporation of tried and true elements that cutting edge chasers shun because it ain’t “future”. There’s no reason to fix something that isn’t broken!

My hope is that when the sparkle fades and the EDM teet has been sucked dry, those who are left take a step back and rediscover what’s always been here and will never leave. Hopefully the industry doesn’t chew up and spit out too many great producers like Junia before it’s all said and done.