You get exactly what you think you’re getting on this four track EP of exclusively Chicago producers, most with decades in the game. Jupiter4 has lined up a murderer’s row of veterans and they take turns chucking Molotov Cocktails at the dancefloor. DJ Lil’ Tal opens with the nitro in “Funkin’ With Another Drum,” a thunderous percussion jam track and quasi-DJ tool. Bernard Badie’s “Earth Shattering” is the rawest thing I’ve ever heard him make: a drum pattern that sounds like a heavy machinery factory’s savage heartbeat.

To bring it all down it’s another dreamy track from the incomparable Vincent Floyd. “Sundraria” is a purification or rite of healing for the survivors of the fury. The package is the first volume of some new V/A series from Jupiter4, out on vinyl at the end of September.

V/A: What’s Going On? The Spacy Saga Vol 1 / Jupiter4 Records
A1. DJ Lil’Tal: Fuckin’ With Another Drum
A2. Mauser: Let It Go
B1. Bernard Badie: Earth Shattering
B2. Vincent Floyd: Sundraria



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