Justin Harris: The Future is Past

I love that in this underground of ours, you have to earn your stripes. Longevity is not something taken lightly and with it comes respect. Through the process of grinding and putting in work, seeing success and seeing failure, you naturally earn a level of restrained enthusiasm. You do what you do and let the finished product speak for itself.

Have you heard of Apollo Music Group? No one is necessarily shouting from the rooftops that it’s the new label DJ Heather is running with Lil’ Mark and Dirty Sole. Lump these three together in the same sentence and you ought to hear a certain sound in your brain immediately: dirty, bumping, raw, acid… They don’t need to spam the news feed. Apollo Music Group can play it cool, let the cool people take notice and let everyone else catch up later. Restrained enthusiasm.

I’ve grown to love the hell out of Justin Harris in the last three or four years and these are some of his leanest and meanest tracks I’ve heard yet. “The Future is Past” has that PERFECT blend of throwback and modern with the 303, 909 percussion and gorgeous vocals from Della. If you thought Mystic Bill’s “U Won’t C Me” last year was hot, you’re going to LOVE this. “E Numbers” steady bumps the acid vibes and layers the classic keys on top. If you didn’t feel dirty enough listening to a man light heartedly confess to taking a thousand rolls in his lifetime, Alinka’s remix somehow makes you feel even grosser. She amps up the acid, adds her wonderfully weird touch and takes you wayyyyyy back to those dirty ass warehouses you dare not return to.

This is the label’s third release so don’t forget to check out the already released goodness from Lil Mark and Dirty Sole with DJ Heather on vocals, which also features a very rare outing and remix from Jacob London!


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