Kai Alce, Michael Zucker & Reggie Dokes: US I-75

Superb V/A edition of Finale Sessions Select featuring Kai Alce, Michael Zucker and Reggie Dokes with three new deep tracks.

Just don’t think it’s possible to oversell a label that can release a V/A split that’s still in the top 99th percentile of new releases. Finale Sessions Select finds Kai Alce leading off with “New Scene 2,” a Fingers-esque piece of atmospheric deep house, with bubbling synths and submerged 303 bleebs cut with quick draws of strings. Some of the mood and DNA spills over into Michael Zucker’s unseasonable “Summer Time.” Finale Sessions: just take my money, give me a copy of the back catalog and we’ll call it square.

Kai Alce, Michael Zucker & Reggie Dokes: US I-75 EP (Finale Sessions Select)
A1. Kai Alce – “Scene 2”
A2. Michael Zucker – “Summer Time”
B1. Reggie Dokes – “Running”

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