Somewhere deep in New York or Atlanta there’s a party where people play nothing but Kai Alcé remixes all night long and it’s the best party in the world. Three more playlist adds along with an outstanding Afro-influenced cut from Alton Miller are served up on Benefit from UK vocalist Omar and Atlanta label People of Earth.

Alton’s remix has a bump wide enough that everyone will swing to this one. Kai’s Vocal Mix is – despite the name but not unexpectedly – built around percussion that sounds like it’s shaking out the devil. The one sheet from People of Earth references a “Roy Ayers vibe” and you can feel it – the vocals have that same isolated, sharp but powerful burst to ’em. I liked the dub for a change of pace and maybe the most flexible track in the set.

Omar / Benefit (Alton Miller and Kai Alcé Remixes) / People of Earth / November 2019 / 12″ vinyl only
A1. Omar: Benefit (Alton Miller Remix)
B1. Omar: Benefit (Kai Alce Vocal Mix)
B2. Omar: Benefit (Kai Alce Instrumental)
B3. Omar: Benefit (Kai Alce Dub Mix)



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