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Released in February 2021, Simulacra marked Silverlining aka Asad Rizvi’s 25th year as a producer and his first double-vinyl release. “Aura” stood out, with its half-cocked Plus-8 and Planet E sound, with a daring vocal that soaked into the music so it sounded like it was recorded right in the same room as the soaring synths and steely percussion. At a time when everything is increasingly samey, there was nothing else that sounds exactly like this.

The eleventh set of Silverlining Dubs invites some extraordinary people movers by the names of Kai Alcé and Voigtmann to work it over. Kai turns “Aura” into a jazz-infused deep house séance, the strangeness of the original shaken about with lolling notes from flutes, pianos and an orchestra of snares and kicks. Voigtmann heads due south with fierce acid house shaker. Play this in a room and put your head down and don’t look up until the end to see what’s left of everyone. The B Side is by Silverlining himself, donning the helmet of the lost cosmonaut and heading into spacey deep territory.

Silverlining: Silverlining Dubs XI (Silverlining Dubs / 12″ Vinyl / February 2022)
A1. Silverlining: “Aura” (Kai Alce remix)
A2. Silverlining: “Aura” (Voigtmann remix)
B1. Silverlining: “Aura” (Silverlining Double dub)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was not submitted as a promo.



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