Issued on the UK’s First Word label, Don’t Rush The Process is Broken Beat pioneer Kaidi Tatham’s 4th studio album, and this one feels like a love letter to the classic artists who fostered his musical growth over the years.

As I embarked on my first listen to the album, I noted a bold quote in the press notes, comparing Tatham to Herbie Hancock. At that moment, and as if by magic, the album’s string-laden intro gave way to title track “Don’t Rush The Process,” which honestly wouldn’t sound out of place on Herbie’s 1976 LP Secrets (a personal favourite of mine). Soul/jazz for grown folks is what this is, and unapologetically so, even when the tune switches tempo into something more disco-tinged.

I could wax lyrical on a track-by-track level here, but suffice it to say that but as the album progresses, I hear heartfelt, wordless tributes to J Dilla, Azymuth, Bob James, Earth Wind & Fire, Arthur Verocai, Norman Connors, Quincy Jones… the list goes on. Don’t get me wrong, this is an LP of original compositions, but something about it feels like Tatham reminiscing about his all-time favourite records — records he knows so intimately that their DNA is under his hands as he begins to play.

Gliding effortlessly across genres, blending subtle sampling with truly extraordinary performances from a multi-instrumentalist at the height of his powers, Don’t Rush The Process also shows off Kaidi Tatham as a deep listener and profound music fan, celebrating music in a way that sounds so effortless that you know without doubt it’s taken a life’s dedication to get here.

Kaidi Tatham: Don’t Rush The Process LP (First Word Records / 12″ Vinyl / Digital)
1. Kaidi Tatham: Mystery Solved (02:00)
2. Kaidi Tatham: Don’t Rush The Process (ft. The Easy Access Orchestra) (05:06)
3. Kaidi Tatham: Just Not Right Rudi (00:47)
4. Kaidi Tatham: All I Need (02:00)
5. Kaidi Tatham: We Chillin’ Out (ft. The Easy Access Orchestra) (05:06)
6. Kaidi Tatham: Knocknee Donkey (03:25)
7. Kaidi Tatham: Any Flavour (02:34)
8. Kaidi Tatham: Funky Fool (01:30)
9. Kaidi Tatham: Sooretama (ft. Robert Mitchell) (04:35)
10. Kaidi Tatham: Runnin’ Tru (04:03)
11. Kaidi Tatham: What A Dream (02:17)
12. Kaidi Tatham: Mind Yourself (00:36)

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