The parent label of Groovement Organic Series is better known for tracks that make you bang, which makes the signing of Kaoru Inoue all the more startling. The master of Japanese electronic music (and quite a bit of it) settles in to new surroundings on Em Paz, a delightfully grounded collection of sounds sprung up from the earth and pulled down from the heavens. “Sunset Salute” almost brings to mind the relentlessly optimistic Americanism of Aaron Copland, with a dry shake of percussion setting up an array of uplifting string drags. This is music that is too interesting to fade into the background, with tracks like “Mythical Sunflare” carrying the listener along on a track of steady rhythms while organic and synthetic instruments mingle and then spiral together into an undifferentiated arc of pure sound.

Kaoru Inoue: Em Paz LP (Groovement Organic Series)
A1. Kaoru Inoue: Wave Introduction” (3:29)
A2. Kaoru Inoue: “Sunset Salute” (7:48)
A3. Kaoru Inoue: “Mythical Sunflare” (4:04)
A4. Kaoru Inoue: “A Day Of Radiance” (5:18)
B1. Kaoru Inoue: “Mystic Motion” (6:05)
B2. Kaoru Inoue: “Healers On Fire” (4:04)
B3. Kaoru Inoue: “Melting” (5:05)
B4. Kaoru Inoue: “Ceifa” (3:57)


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