It’s a reminder of how vast Karizma‘s back catalog is that he can release a greatest hits LP and you could immediately fill another two albums just with notable omissions you think of right off the top of your head.

This is, however, marked as volume 1 of an unknown number of future volumes and it’s a hell of a ride. Ten tracks and any of them might be the best moment in a less prolific producer’s catalog.

Leading off is “The Power,” and that’s appropriate. Little known fact is that Karizma made these early tracks including “The Power” with borrowed equipment. He actually made “The Power,” the beats for Mary J Blige “Beautiful Remix” and “E.B.W.T.R.T.W.” in a single weekend because, as he told Will Sumsuch for 5 Mag a few years ago, “Who knows when I’m going to get to have the ASR-10 again?” This is the nearly 9 minute extended cut, and it’s as sublime a plate as it was when it first dropped. There are tons of opportunities to get punch drunk on beats — Karizma has never forgotten that his most artful moments are still made for DJs to play. You remember this when “Groove A ‘K’ Ordingly” gets so mental you start feeling a contact high and yet he brings it back to a safe place with some guardrails for DJs to mix out of without risking a wreck.

I’m a fan of the trackier side of Karizma and that’s well represented here on “Twyst This,” “Drum Nightmare,” “Neccessarry Maddness” and even “The Damn Thing,” which drums on the piano like a percussion instrument. “ICU” closes in a hypnotic 12 and a half minute mix.

I used to be of two minds on collections like this — is there a great need of compilations of previously released material in a mostly digital world? But I get it now — the cycle has slipped into overdrive and producers can find themselves on a treadmill to nowhere in a short period of time. Compilations like these reintroduce classic material back into circulation and expose the new crop of DJs that renews the base every five years to material they probably never heard before but badly need to hear for the first time. r2 does these comps better than most and this one is better than almost all.

Karizma: Karizma Klassics Vol 1 (r2 Records / Digital / February 2023)
1. Karizma: The Power (08:35)
2. Karizma: Gypsy Woman (Kaytronik Extended Remix) (03:36)
3. Karizma: Groove A “K” Ordingly (08:02)
4. Karizma: Neccessarry Maddness (06:05)
5. Karizma: The Damn Thing (13:09)
6. Karizma: Twyst This (07:25)
7. Karizma: Darqness (09:02)
8. Karizma: Deeper Than You Know (07:17)
9. Karizma: Drumz Nightmare (08:51)
10. Karizma: ICU (12:20)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was not submitted as a promo.


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