In a post-apocalyptic world where the fallout from the EDM Bomb has caused our musical landscape to resemble the set of a Mad Max movie, I imagine Karizma to be the supercool guy who pulls up in an air-conditioned truck and offers you a lift to his secret bunker, which contains everything you need to survive until the fist-pumping outside has died down.

The bunker may be metaphorical but the treasure contained within it is very real, judging by this small stash of previous unreleased magic which he’s just allowed out into the world via London label R2.

Utterly unconcerned with the musical mayhem all around, Karizma just keeps polishing his signature brand of House, as well as teaching the kids a thing or two about DJing every single time he takes to the decks.

This trio of tracks is typically masterful, starting out with the irrepressible “Bounce B” – a bouncy, synthy percussion workout of epic proportions. Next, Karizma revisits his classic track “Tech This Out”, tweaking the groove into a truly blissful crescendo. Finally “K To The P” delves into the hip hop sample-crates, emerging with a very useful DJ tool indeed.

A life affirming taste of undeniably authentic House music from one of the genre’s guiding lights. Bring on Volume 2, I say!



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