Karizma and Marcel Vogel: The Deadpool

Fierce, ferocious and sanctified: Karizma's "Work It Out" is a raw sucker punch of The Word right in the gut.

Fierce, ferocious and sanctified: Karizma’s “Work It Out” is a raw sucker punch of The Word right in the gut. I’ve been playing this for weeks and it just has so much untamed power: Church Boy Lou does it like this, Robert Hood has been with Floorplan and you can hear it on some early Gospel-inflected worldly music from the likes of Ike Turner and Stevie Wonder. I had to double check to see if there was even a bassline to this – it sounded like people stomping in the rafters and beating on their knees.

Marcel Vogel’s “I Got Jesus” polishes off the hook of a rousing Gospel sermon for another rollickin’ groove; Karizma’s Stomp Dub takes no prisoners with a shuffle that pushes it closer and closer until it rolls over into straight-up House and back again. Out of everything I heard this month, this record is the one I’d play for someone who never heard dance music before. It may not win souls to the Lord but we can at least get ’em in the door.

Out now on vinyl, promo via traxsource.


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