Japan’s Keita Sano is about as diverse a producer as they come. 2016 saw him whipping out disco belters such as “Explosion” on the beloved NYC-based Mister Saturday Night imprint, while then turning around and dropping dreamy, jazz-tinged electronica, such as we heard on his Miles EP.

It seems Sano’s ability to bend genre boundaries and drop jaws knows no bounds, as his latest Want EP is nothing short of awe-inspiring. “Simple Gimmicks” seemed to be the stand-out upon first rotation, as its warmth and comforting dry wisps of dry heat are blown upon my face – as if I were standing in front of the exhaust of a tropical bungalow’s air-conditioning unit, stumbling around, looking for the path back to the beach. Its soothing chords and subtle mechanical whirring within the groove play provide a contrast that plays right into to my simple-sided, summer-bound mind.

As most any jewel digger will tell you, however, the treasure is rarely found on the first sifting. It took a second flip and rip of the EP to hear and feel just how fitting the titling of the A1 cut, “I Found the Key” is. With a rumbling groove brooding underneath, this is one deceptive gem, indeed. Reminiscent of a skeleton key; one which could be used to open the gates of heaven upon any dance floor, at any time, in any environment. “I Found the Key” is one of those rare cuts that (in the right hands) could easily create pandemonium during an open air disco jam, but then just as easily be used with the same efficacy at 5:30am in a dark warehouse in Detroit. To succeed in cutting a key with the potential to unlock a frenzy upon such a wide range of dance floors is not an easy feat. We suggest playing it safe and buying duplicate copies – just in case.

Keita Sano: Want EP (Paragram)
A1. Keita Sano: “Want” (5:23)
A2. Keita Sano: “Drum Wick” (5:32)
B1. Keita Sano: “I Found The Key” (6:29)
B2. Keita Sano: “Simple Gimmicks” (6:23)

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