Sometimes I hear a record and within about 15 seconds I know I’m going to love it. This is one. Malcolm Dakeyo hails from Paris and as Kelton Prima he takes us from all this, this mundane world to a sanctuary about 15 parsecs away to newly discovered satellites of Planet Rock.

IN2 is a gorgeous record, twelve tracks of sweaty funk and neon disco, brutal house and gentle techno powered by the creaky heartbeat of a 808 and a musical polymath’s unbridled imagination.

Every month thousands of albums are dropped – and it plagues electronic music more than any other genre now – with two or three good tracks and a lot that could charitably be called “filler.” But I can tell you there’s not a single disposable note on IN2. You and I might have favorites but none of these are forgettable.

The intro is an invitation to the voyage, the second (“Ecstasy Au Paradis [Part 2]”) a warm analog techno dream. Prima is lulling you in here and “Brie It Again” triggers the trap. What follows is a glorious journey through a (mostly) one man band’s retrofuturistic electro jams with some scenic intergalactic rest stops along the way. Think of the thick, raunchy grooves of Cameo repurposed and reprocessed by Giorgio Moroder and you’re halfway to “House of Funk” and “Des Choses Comme Ca,” which is maybe the HEAVIEST track I’ve ever heard. That bass is made out of lead and it feels like it’s falling through the center of the earth. “Palms Line” is pure, crystalline instrumental synth-pop. And I don’t know what there is to say about “Little Purple Prince” – like we cloned 1999-era Rogers Nelson and kept him in a jar. Prima follows this aerial bombardment of Dr. Fink synth riffs by taking a retrained, politely quiet electrified acid jazz trip on “Raclette Party” – and a real acid trip on the stripped down tribute-to-’88 “LSD In Purgatory.” There are enough delights on IN2 to keep you buzzing on a sugar rush for months.

Kelton Prima: IN2 / Mathematics Recordings / 12″ Vinyl
A1. Kelton Prima: “In(Tro)”
A2. Kelton Prima: “Ecstasy Au Paradis” (part 2)
A3. Kelton Prima: “Brie It Again”
B1. Kelton Prima: “Air’n Beat” (feat D_tekt)
B2. Kelton Prima: “Des Choses Comme Ca” (feat Laetitia Taschatt & Elite beats – Brieklyn Boogie mix)
B3. Kelton Prima: “House Of Funk”
C1. Kelton Prima: “Palms Line”
C2. Kelton Prima: “Little Purple Prince”
C3. Kelton Prima: “Raclette Party”
D1. Kelton Prima: “Cheese It To The Max”
D2. Kelton Prima: “LSD In Purgatory”
D3. Kelton Prima: “Shine” (Breizh El Boogie vocal mix)



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