The tracks on Acid 2021 barely have names — just identity markers beginning with the letter X and a series of numbers, like they were uncovered and cataloged by the archeologists of a future alien civilization. But they are by no means interchangeable. Each of the tracks on Kick.S’s new album on Acidworx is a trip, and sometimes a long one. The two albums together clock in at nearly 130 minutes and is broken up into two volumes of gory acid glory; these two volumes alone would keep a busy techno DJ flush in new tracks for a very long time.

Kick.S shows a fondness for the golden age of adventurous acid tracks — those ’90s records that put pure fire on the front and dedicated the B-side to 9 to 12 minute spiritual journeys and sonic experiments. Acid 2021 is stoned drunk on the stuff, dizzy in the tight stride and mechanical stomp of analog drum machines and what sounds like at least two 303s or analog clones of them tweaked until they sing and scream in harmony. After repeated listens, Volume 2 is where it comes alive for me, with the intricate arrangement of “X1643” leading into the cosmic hopscotch of “X1644.” They all bleed together and lose their structure and outlines after repeated listens, but it’s never repetitive or ordinary. Tracks that start on the harder edge of techno can soften unexpectedly, and vice-versa. “X1646” is a beautiful, atmospheric track on the verge of being considered, I don’t know, an acid ballad? It sounds absurd but it takes a practiced hand to make the 303 do these kinds of things and Kick.S has trained theirs to sometimes speak as evocatively as a human being. Amazing record, as much for DJs as it is for home listening.

Kick.S: Acid 2021 Vol 2 (AcidWorx / April 29, 2021 / Digital)
1. Kick.S: X1643 (08:36)
2. Kick.S: X1644 (07:41)
3. Kick.S: X1645 (07:33)
4. Kick.S: X1646 (07:19)
5. Kick.S: X1647 (08:44)
6. Kick.S: X1649 (08:06)
7. Kick.S: X1650 (09:01)
8. Kick.S: X1651 (09:32)

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