It’s so easy to love this. The Pretenders never seem to show up in pop culture for as much as their records are prized by collectors. Aside from the track profiled on this new 12″, “Just Be Yourself,” a 7″ from Family Groove recently reintroduced the world to another Madam Pat Tandy class, “It’s Everything About You (That I Love).”

The pride of Carnival Records and Joe Evans receives a respectful and almost worshipful treatment from DJ KON, who parlayed his mysterious soul connections to obtain the original multitrack tapes. I hate to sound like a complete jagoff, but the dynamics are incredible: the piano hangs over the beat after the keys are struck like a haze, the strings are sharp and cut through like a lightning bolt. There’s no shame in not being a walking encyclopedia of old soul 45s, but there’s something wrong to look away from a record like this on the second time around.


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The Pretenders: Just Be Yourself (KON Remix) (Family Groove)
A1. The Pretenders: “Just Be Yourself” (KON aka King Of Nothing remix) (7:47)
B1. The Pretenders: “Just Be Yourself” (extended mix) (6:34)