Ksky, Babak, Xio, Pak0: Jam EP Vol 1

More Russian madness via Wax Ninja record shop in Moscow.

Another hot various artists record with individual tracks that treat the barriers between disparate subgenres with a casual disdain. Perhaps not coincidentally, this one also comes from Moscow, from the Wax Ninja record shop in Moscow where apparently these projects germinate from a stock that’s ripened and gone to seed.

I reviewed Xio’s record on the Wax Ninja home label awhile ago – this is different enough to justify the new sublabel. “What U Want” is a synth-heavy edit with soulful vocals and quite a pleasing tune, as is “Forgive & Forget” by Babak. “Nine-Ohh-Nine” is more dark and drawing on some ominous early Frankie Bones-era Techno, smeared with an accent of Drum & Bass. “Alright” by Pak0 is the housiest tune of the bundle. It sort of fall apart into claps and a 303 wobble before recovering back with return to those soaring chords – perhaps too many concepts flowing together at once but a record I feel I’m going to appreciate more as time goes on.

Ksky, Babak, Xio, Pak0: Jam EP Vol 1 (Suburbz)
A1. KSKY – “What U Want” (6:20)
A2. Babak – “Forgive & Forget” (5:55)
B1. Xio – “Nine-ohh-nine” (6:50)
B2. Pak0 – “Alright” (4:25)


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  1. […] This issue we’re back off to Moscow for our next 5 Mag Mix with Xio of the Wax Ninja record store. I first heard about Wax Ninja from some choice vinyl-only EPs they’ve seeded around the Deep House world, on Xio’s 3 AM EP on their in-house & eponymous Wax Ninja label and the V/A Jam EP from SubUrbz. […]

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