Can one awaken the sleeping by shouting or jumping on the bed? That’s what we’re here for, and I’m banging your alarm on Steppin’ Out and LADYMONIX’s productions and remixes as a whole. I first found out about her from Preslav’s “Watch Your Step” from Pittsburgh stalwart label Love What You Feel; Preslav apparently journeyed to Movement for a single night back in 2017 or so for the sole purpose of seeing LADYMONIX at Detroit’s Cass Avenue Temple Bar with Waajeed. If you’re not from Detroit or the Midwest, the A side of “Steppin’ Out” may be the closest you get to that evening. The 12″ MAC mix of the title track is a beautiful slab of deep house — a lovely vocal hook, swaying synths and percussion that slaps hard enough to emit sparks. Waajeed’s “Get Into It Girl” mix is the psycho-hectic dub rush you didn’t know you needed until right this minute.

That could be it and it’d be a bargain at $12.99 on wax if it was. B-side track “The Nerve” has that airy, sophisticated sound that always reminds me of Kai Alcé’s jams. “It’s A Party Dammit!” fits your experimental nightlife turntable urgencies — a spaced out jazz jam with a little melody that sounds like a stylized dial up modem and scenes from a party, half-heard and half-understood, floating from one side of your headspace to the other. I don’t know where you shop but if they don’t have this in stock you need to demand it.

LADYMONIX: Steppin’ Out (Frizner Electric / September 2021 / 12″ Vinyl)
1. LADYMONIX: Steppin’ Out (12″ MAC Mix) (05:46)
2. LADYMONIX: Steppin’ Out (Waajeed’s Get Into It Girl Dub) (06:04)
3. LADYMONIX: The Nerve (05:40)
4. LADYMONIX: It’s A Party Dammit! (04:36)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was not submitted as a promo.



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