I played these tracks 17 times in one night on Soundcloud before Latin Soul Brothas either had pity or got a bit creeped out and took them down. One of my favorite outcroppings of a Chicago producer reviewed here multiple times (am I supposed to say his name? Is it a secret?) Latin Soul Brothas return with 12″ of steely funk and garage soul for the masses.

This is one of those records where you can’t pick a favorite – it defeats the point to separate Sides A and B and you might want to get two copies because they play together exquisitely. “Jingito” takes its time, drawing you in before giving you a serious rinse. Very few times can you picture the effect a track will have on a dancefloor the first time you listen to it. You can envision it just fine with this. “Magic Black Woman” (no relation) lays out an addictive conga groove before some devastating jack and glistening hats take over.


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