Lay-Far’s How I Communicate (Remixes)

Ge-ology and Mr. Scruff Remix Two Tracks from Lay-Far's How I Communicate LP on Local Talk.

Lay-Far’s How I Communicate LP propelled a tidal wave of acclaim from DJs and publications, including two reviews submitted by the staff of the magazine you’re reading.

Buried beneath the avalanche of silly records by tired acts that made up the bulk of Record Store Day fare this year was this fine split remix EP on black wax featuring two of the standout tracks from How I Communicate. “Lock and Rock” gets rubbed up and beat down by the eclectic Mr. Scruff – and “eclectic” is the touchstone here. I thought of about a dozen words to describe this, many of them contradictory but absolutely accurate. Just grab some J Dilla, some of Jeff Mills’ tapes from WDRQ and WJLB and a random mixtape of your choosing, drop them in a blender and record what comes out and you’re on the right track. Ge-ology takes a jab at “Like The First Time” with a glitchy and electronic but soulful rubdown.

On vinyl via Juno | Digital from Juno Download | Traxsource


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