Cloudy skies be damned! “How I Communicate” is a delicious disco slice of heaven guaranteed to perk up your atmosphere on even the gloomiest of days. Whether you like your disco on more of a classic tip, modernized, or thrown into the deep end…it’s all here.

Lay-Far hails from Moscow and has already released an album prior to this on Glenview Records back in 2013. He’s had EPs on Lazy Days as well as Rebirth and runs his own imprint In-Beat-Ween Music. Local Talk could be considered his spiritual home, as his organic sound fits right into the timeless mold the Swedish label has developed over the years.

Communication being the message it’s only natural nearly half the tracks are collaborations. “Slope”, the upbeat version, featuring Ashley Beedle and Darren Morris is as optimistic in tone as its intro answering “There ain’t nothing out here for you” with “Oh yes there is….THIS”.

I’m not sure why they’re fighting, but on “Draw Your Bow” it’s Lay-Far vs Restless Soul Fun Band & Shea Soul, so there’s a lot of SOUL here! Either way I win as the listener. Solo shots are equally slick with “Submerging” taking the same shuffling beats found throughout, digging further into the dirt with its groove, while still tied to the sky with those gorgeous strings.

Drawing inspiration from music’s ability to cross language barriers and informed by his master’s degree in foreign language, Lay-Far has created and album that is the easiest of listens with a number of cuts that are easy pickings for the dancefloor. [DK]

Out: Vinyl from Juno.

Published first in 5 Mag Issue #127, February 15 2016


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