Who is Lea Lisa and how is the world only getting to hear her now? The French producer is shaking shit up, dazzling us with records like Here Comes The Night on the inimitable Jorge Caiado’s Inner Balance label. 5 Mag said that record “should have been in your crate yesterday” and that is still too late for The Legacy, a three track EP including a remix from Kerri Chandler.

Lisa’s apparently been “hiding” in plain sight – part of Toulouse’s InnerDisc.fr record store, where she’s apparently collected, preserved and fashioned the best of house music’s last 25 years into a highly personalized, unmistakable sound. “Something For The Dancers” hangs a big hook that reverberates with the warmth of the tropics, like a deep house translation from Fela soaring over twinkling virtuoso keys. Kerri Chandler brought his best for the remix – stripping it down to elementary particles in a “dark” and ethereal jam.

The warm hum of “From Garage” (the Jersey kind) is not to be underrated or overlooked here. It’s a beautiful slice of deep vibes with soul. Lea Lisa approaches both of these tracks with exquisite taste, boundless creativity and, as the name implies, a love for the tradition and the lore.

Lea Lisa: The Legacy EP / Wolf Music Recordings / Release Date: October 18 2019 / 12″ vinyl
A1. Lea Lisa: “Something For The Dancers” (6:47)
B2. Lea Lisa: “From Garage” (5:57)
B1. Lea Lisa: “Something For The Dancers” (Kerri Chandler Dark mix) (8:33)



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