Leo Never Mind Bivouac

Were Made To Love is my first Leonid Nevermind EP since Quiet Love – a record I saw the hoodie gnomes at Discogs classified as “Deep House, Synthwave, Leftfield” and I knew I had to have it.

Quiet Love did not disappoint and Were Made To Love builds upon Leonid’s crazy blueprint of jagged riffs and edgewise beats. I’d guess I listen to more new music in an average day than the average joker and I can’t think of anything I’ve heard quite like Leonid. It’s eclectic and unusual but this is what makes it sound so fresh: “Take Care” is experimental jazz with drum machines and it really swings. “Airtight” is another highlight – it has a killer groove, high tech soul in the best tradition of Detroit, and augmented by an array of subtle production tricks.

Leonid Nevermind: Were Made To Love / Bivouac Sound
A1. Leonid Nevermind: “Were Made To Love” (6:10)
A2. Leonid Nevermind: “Take Care” (6:47)
B1. Leonid Nevermind: “Were Made To Love” (version 2) (4:37)
B2. Leonid Nevermind: “Broken Death” (5:18)
B3. Leonid Nevermind: “Airtight” (4:31)



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