ali berger keys the door vol 1

Dripping and sometimes drenched in acid, Ali Berger’s four track Keys The Door EP 1 makes for some riotous moments. “Badlands” is the lead off and that’s my jam: Ali makes the 303 weep on this one, the squelch progressing or evolving into a freaky groove by track’s end. “Love In This Box” is an homage to the whole of the Roland hardware toolbox with sizzling 808 beats awash in warm orchestral waves synced to a fat electro bass. “Secrets” leads us by the hand back into a world of scrambled machines and fried diodes that could have come from a vintage Plastikman live PA. There’s not a dull moment or graceless turn here.

Ali Berger: Keys The Door EP 1 / FCR
A1. Ali Berger: “Badlands” (4:52)
A2. Ali Berger: “Love In This Box” (6:01)
B1. Ali Berger: “Secrets” (8:00)
B2. Ali Berger: “Sleeves” (5:42)



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